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* Growing Well *

Dannie Rosenhammer, Integrative Counsellor, Therapist & Supervisor

MA Counselling, MBACP, Accredited EMDR Practitioner,
PG Cert in Clinical Supervision


New: Clinical supervision now also offered
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Counselling is an opportunity to be listened to by someone with an open mind and no agenda.  It will enable you to work through something that is bothering you in a safe, confidential space.

Therapy is an activity that can help you overcome problems or self-defeating behaviours, and to integrate conflicting parts of yourself into a better functioning whole.  Another aim is to acquire confidence and resilience for coping with the inevitable knocks and challenges that are part of life.

With self-awareness and acceptance you will be better able to face the fears that are holding you back and stop you from living fully.

It's an awfully big adventure!






"The unexamined life is not worth living."   (Socrates)
"The unlived life is not worth examining."   (Sheldon Kopp)