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Dannie Rosenhammer
Integrative Counsellor & Therapist


My heartfelt thanks go to the former clients who wrote these accounts of
their experience and gave me permission to share them
on my website.

All testimonials are reproduced in full.
Higher numbers are more recently added testimonials.



"Working through my PTSD with Dannie has been life changing, enabling me to view my life in a very different and optimistic way. Whilst dealing with the past trauma, Dannie also enabled me to take control of my ongoing day to day life, using various Integrative methods, particular Mindfulness. Which when I started to use daily, really assisted my sleeping patterns and overall stress levels. Dannie was able to deal with, not only the childhood trauma that I had experienced, but also the knock on effects that occurred through my many years of blocking the trauma and the ongoing suicidal thoughts and paranoia that followed me throughout my life.

Dannie’s approach was to educate me throughout, as I was initially sceptical after previous unsuccessful therapy experiences. Dannie explained what was happening and evidence based her various techniques, providing further reading where appropriate. When certain techniques did not work, or did not have an appropriate response, Dannie would quickly research a new approach or add a coping mechanism to assist with the therapy. Dannie was very empathic and supportive, allowing me time to progress at my own pace, but encouraging me when it was needed."

(Complex PTSD client, October 2020)


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