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Dannie Rosenhammer
Integrative Counsellor & Therapist


My heartfelt thanks go to the former clients who wrote these accounts of
their experience and gave me permission to share them
on my website.

All testimonials are reproduced in full.
Higher numbers are more recent testimonials.



"I was introduced to Dannie through a Macmillan Care Centre, after a period of 3-4 years in which the stress levels in my life had become too great for me to cope with on my own.  Having had counselling before I was confident I would feel the benefit of this experience. 

However, whereas previously I had been allowed the opportunity to talk about my concerns/stresses/past issues, but with no real support to assist resolution or moving on, this time I have left armed with a whole variety of skills for the future.  I know that there will still be many challenges ahead of me but Dannie has taught me techniques to help me cope.  Each new therapy we did was introduced subtly and with consideration for my individual needs.  I never felt under pressure to continue with anything I was uncomfortable with.  Some therapies, such as EFT, require a degree of open-mindedness from the client, but the trust I had of Dannie allowed me to gain huge rewards.

I would have no hesitation in approaching Dannie again for integrative therapy, but I believe the strategies I have learned from her will make this situation unlikely!

The help Dannie has given me is beyond measure, and for the first time in my adult life, I am facing the future resolute, prepared and as me.  Many, many thanks."
                                                                                          (October 2011)

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