Spectrum mandala

Dannie Rosenhammer
Integrative Counsellor & Therapist


My heartfelt thanks go to the former clients who wrote these accounts of
their experience and gave permission for me to share them
with visitors to my website.

All testimonials are reproduced in full.
Higher numbers are more recently added testimonials.



"Dannie is a very thoughtful and warm person and an excellent therapist.  I went to see her during a very confusing time.  From the first session, Dannie's friendly approach and unwavering kindness put me at ease to explore my problems openly without any fear of judgement.  The sessions progressed at my own pace and I never felt pressured to talk about things until I was ready to discuss them.  I was repeatedly amazed by Dannie's ability to remember small details from previous sessions, sometimes months earlier, to make insightful connections I had overlooked.

Thanks to the therapy, I now feel I have a much greater understanding of the source of my negative feelings and am able to accept them without allowing it to impact on the present."

(May 2014)


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