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Dannie Rosenhammer
Integrative Counsellor & Therapist


My heartfelt thanks go to the former clients who wrote these accounts of
their experience and gave permission for me to share them
with visitors to my website.

All testimonials are reproduced in full.
Higher numbers are more recent testimonials.



"Dannie's calm and friendly approach put me at ease from our first meeting in a really warm and relaxed environment far from some of the cold, clinical, impersonal environments one can be faced with. 

We reached a decision together on the form of therapy best suited to help me which made me feel part of the decision making process and like it was a team effort, as opposed to 'being analysed' from behind a clipboard.

Dannie never presumed what, or how, I felt about things, was patient with me, listened carefully to what I said, and has an amazing ability to remember details of conversations from previous sessions which made everything feel like a continued progression rather than fits and starts of looking into problem areas here and there.  It also made me feel genuinely listened to.

By the end of my course of sessions I was left with a much better understanding of how my mind has been processing things, what has been harmful, and how, what are the most effective and helpful ways for me to stay psychologically healthy.  Working with Dannie is the best experience of therapy I've had and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to her if the future necessitated it, and would certainly recommend her to anyone who I thought could benefit from her expertise and warm, very human, approach."

(January 2014)


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