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Dannie Rosenhammer, Integrative Counsellor, Therapist & Supervisor

MA Counselling, MBACP, Accredited EMDR Practitioner,
PG Cert in Clinical Supervision



Group therapy

I am currently setting up a Glossop-based in-person therapy group (fortnightly 2-hour meetings at 35 per session).  There may still be one or two places left, so if you are interested in joining and working with a group, please contact me as soon as possible.

Group work can offer different things to one-to-one therapy. 

For example, it can help to bring out dynamics with people that affect you in everyday life, so you can explore these in a safer environment, where you can "take risks" or try things out if you want to.

You may be able to get honest and useful feedback from others, about yourself or issues that concern you, as well as feeling supported and learning about other people's experience.  Groups may contain 4-9 members (and myself as a facilitator).

There are different types of work in groups:

  • Process or therapy groups
    Boundaries are clear and participants are not encouraged to socialise outside the group.  This helps to make the group a unique a 'safe' space to explore feelings and social interaction, a bit like in one-to-one therapy.  Membership will be 'closed' (i.e. once the group has started, no new members can join, or there is a process for this - people can't just "drop in").  The group may often contain a diverse mix of people and focus will be on the interactions and reactions between the people in the room rather than external events.
  • Support groups
    These are more informal groups where people can share experiences, bond and exchange support, often around a particular issue, e.g. anxiety or past abuse.  This includes women's and men's groups.  This group can be closed
  • Therapeutic courses and workshops
    This tends to be a more educational and structured closed group where a particular approach is learned and used, but also experiences are shared and compared.  For example, I recently facilitated a small 8-week mindfulness programme, which was a great experience.

Another advantage of group therapy is that it tends to be more affordable.  Group sessions are 35 for 2 hours.